Shower Hire

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From home renovations to major construction projects, our portable shower range gives you a wide choice of functions and features.

Gas and electric portal hot water services are available for instant hot water showers.

Our units can integrate into your existing services, such as hot water, or go stand alone, whatever works best for you.

Our shower units are smart and compact. They’ll fit right where needed, even in places where space is limited.


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    Major Events

    From the large events with hundreds of units, down to your backyard do with one unit, our hire is fully customisable.

    Construction Sites

    No matter how small or large your construction project may be, we’ll make sure you get the most modern, robust and efficient solution.

    Party Hire

    Enjoy your party – we do the rest. When you call we’ll find out exactly what you need to make your party a success.

    Shower Hire

    When does the hire period end?

    For toilets & showers the hire period will end when you contact us & let us know you want to end the hire and have finished with the unit.

    We will then end your hire from this date and arrange pick up.

    How do I pay for hire?

    Once you are booked in with all your details we will email you an invoice for payment dated at the end of hire period, or, for longer term hires, at the start of the following month.

    Our payment terms are 14 days unless otherwise agreed upon before hand. This means you have 14 days from the email date to make payment.

    Details for making payment and accepted payment methods are on each invoice.

    We may keep card details on file for the purpose of recouping unpaid bills or covering payment for damages.

    How do I open an account?

    For business customers, simply fill out and submit our credit application.

    For personal customers, just give us a call or email with your details so we can set you up in our system

    If you have any problems please call or email and we're ready to help.

    How is shower water runoff handled?

    Our showers have a short return pipe out the back that allows the grey water to run out of the shower unit.

    If your shower is positioned near or on grass, the water will flow onto this area.

    If you are positioning your shower in a garage or carport, or are worried about the flow of runoff, you can connect a length of pipe (easily picked up from Bunnings or supplied by a plumber) to direct the flow of greywater where you want. For example, down a drain.

    Do I need water or power connected for my shower? What about hot water?

    Your shower hire can change depending on what you may require, however in all cases you need a running water connection.

    The running water connection is connected by your plumber and can be to your existing hot water service.

    (Sometimes the hire shower is set up in your laundry or garage if you have these areas plumbed with hot water.)

    We can also supply a portable hot water service. In this case you would require a standard power point or gas bottle for operation.

    You can then connect your garden hose or other running water connection to the hot water service for an instant hot water shower.

    Don’t forget the option for cold showers particularly in the warmer months, when you don’t have to use the hot water option.

    Can I have my toilet or shower delivered & placed around the back of my house?

    We will do our absolute best to meet your needs and get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

    Often people like having our toilet or shower placed around the back of their property for privacy and convenience.

    In order to do this we need to have suitable access to the back of your property. This can mean rear access for a vehicle, via a back lane, gate or rear driveway.

    We can also locate our portable toilet without vehicular access if the location is within 30m of where our truck can have access. This 30m is the length of the hose we use for servicing the unit.

    We can locate your portable toilet by trolley to a location within hose reach.

    We can also manoeuvre our toilets through gates. Most units are a standard size, 1.2m by 1.2m wide, and 2.3m high.

    It is your responsibility to check your access carefully. If you request delivery at a location and we attempt delivery and we cannot fit the product where you need it or anywhere else easily accessible, you will be charged a fee to cover our time spent.

    What is the Damage Waiver?

    The Damage waiver is something you'll find offered on most hire products, for example it's common on car hire.

    It's an optional cover that limits how much you can be charged for repairs for damage to, or destruction of, a product you hire from us.

    The Damage Waiver covers costs including time spent on your site, damage to our toilets, showers & fencing, total damage or destruction of a unit including fire and theft.

    The Damage Waiver does not pass on all costs to you. Like most insurance, it has an excess. This excess is the maximum you will pay towards the repairs or replacement cost.

    If you don't have our Damage Waiver you will be responsible for covering the entire cost of all repair and/or replacement. The replacement cost for your hired equipment can be found in your terms and conditions – it not only covers the outright cost to purchase the item, but also our time invested in ordering, picking up, setting up and paying for the replacement item.

    You can also arrange to have our hire unit covered by your own insurance company or choose for you yourself to remain liable for any costs associated with our hire unit.

    What additional charges are there?

    Where possible, our costs are all inclusive and up front, so you know exactly what to expect. There are some circumstances, however, where additional charges may be incurred. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Returning to site to change temporary fencing layout, add additional temporary fencing or partly remove temporary fencing at your request.
    • Returning to site due to equipment that has been damaged, excessively dirtied or requires relocation at your request.
    • If access cannot be gained to pick up equipment as arranged and BTH are required to wait on site or return for a second pick up attempt.
    • If any part of equipment is damaged beyond repair, missing or stolen. Unless Damage Waiver has been taken up, you would be liable for full replacement cost.

    Please refer to our Conditions of Hire for further details – these can be downloaded and are also supplied with every hire.